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Things we do

Supporting New Ventures

NextFaze has years of experience developing solutions for new ventures. We leverage that experience to help you get to market with smart technology that is rock solid, ensuring stable and rapid growth.

Rescue Jobs

We understand that many startups are looking to maximise ROI with cost effective development solutions. The outcome of this is often a substandard result that requires reassessment. NextFaze have rescued many clients from extreme budget blow-out due to failed first attempts.


NextFaze is well positioned to provide advice on avoiding common and uncommon pitfalls in the app development arena. We provide specification and architecture documentation and can also provide hiring advice so you can be sure you're getting the right people for your in-house team.

Technological Fluency

While we cater to a wide range of platforms we specialise in iOS, Android and Web development including WatchKit and Android Wear. Our team is diverse, allowing us to advise on a suitable solution regardless of the situation.

Rapid Prototyping

We specialise in rapid prototyping so that you can gauge feasbility of your product for minimal spend. We have the experience to know which features are critical to a successful MVP launch and work with you to determine realistic scope.

Agile Development

We understand the need to be flexible when implementing user stories and at the same time appreciate that the application architecture needs to be smart to minimise technical debt. This pragmatic approach comes from years of agile development experience.


Things we made


Android, iOS


iOS, Web


Android, iOS




Android, iOS


Android, iOS


Events that made us who we are today

  • Insert Coin to Begin!

    February 2012

    Our Humble Beginnings

    NextFaze incorporated, founded by five senior software developers from 2moromobile after it was wound up by it’s acquisitiors.

  • March 2012

    A Real Office

    Moved into the room above Marilyn’s Depot Vent at 24a O’Connell St, after working a few days in Derek’s living room.

  • July 2013

    A Bigger Office

    Moved next door to 22 O’Connell Street (entrance at 112 Ward St) when the room above Marilyns got a bit crowded, and smelly!

  • Breville BES840 Infuser Espresso Machine

    December 2013


    Bought a brand new Breville Infuser Coffee Machine with Bonus Barista Course & FREE Grinder after suffering with borrowed and lent coffee machines for too long.

  • Breville YouBrew BDC600XL

    December 2014

    More Coffee

    Added the YouBrew machine to the coffee manufacture process for those with a drip coffee preference.

  • February 2015

    Spreading Out

    East wing opened up at 112 Ward street opened to house the growing web team.

  • Chair of Multiple Massage

    April 2015


    Zero-G Starship Chair installed, also gives massages.

  • Santa Derek creates a hole in the wall using only his jumping ability and hair

    December 2015

    What just happened?

    Bought the building at 28 O’Connell Street after getting notice; had a “smashing” christmas party.

  • The Breville BES 920 Dual Boiler Coffee Machine with it's partner in crime - the Smart Grander Pro

    December 2015

    Coffee Coffee Coffee

    Upgraded the espresso machine to a dual boiler red one, it goes faster. Productivity increases 35%.

  • March 2016

    An Even Bigger Home

    Moved into the 28 O’Connell Street after renovations completed to make it our home.

  • Be Part
    Of Our

Our Amazing Team

The people that make the things happen

Derek Munneke

Captain of Captology

One of the most recognisable faces among Adelaide's tech-savvy movers and shakers, Derek Munneke has spent a decade and a half working his way up in the IT industry. Originally a developer, Derek has fulfilled roles as varied as manager, salesman, mentor, and social organiser. With vast experience in all aspects of the software lifecycle, Derek brings a passion and dedication to developing good software that few CIOs can claim.

Linda Zaccara

Chief Operations Officer

Linda takes of care the mundane things, like business development, operational and financial affairs of the company, and caffeine supply levels. She has been in business for over 15 years and is currently involved in 4 companies. Linda has a range of qualifications from degree’s in both CIS and Philosophy to diploma’s in Life Coaching, and has also written about Artificial Intelligence & Cyborg Theory. Linda is passionate about furthering NextFaze to be the best boutique App Development company in Australia.

Ric Santos

Software Engineer - iOS

A developer with a professional streak, Ric strives to demonstrate that it’s possible to be a coder and a manager at the same time. Ric’s desire to see polished projects delivered on time and within budget keeps clients happy, staff on their toes, and our bank balance healthy. An avid motor enthusiast, we’re all surprised that he bought a scooter. We were not surprised when he crashed it.

Ben Tilbrook

Software Engineer - Android, iOS

No one else at NextFaze is driven by such rabid motivation to get software right as Ben. A mobile developer for years, Ben has seen the rise and fall of many mobile platforms, written software for almost all of them, and at one time or another been forced to slog through thousands of lines of source code to fix their inherent errors. Despite that, his passion for developing high quality apps remains untarnished. We salute you, Ben.

Andreas Wulf

Software Engineer - iOS

After receiving his first Macintosh Plus at age 10, Andreas has been administering systems and coding software since his early high school years. Day-to-day, he keeps the NextFaze servers humming, our internal systems buzzing, and the mobile apps churning. When he’s not attached to a computer, he’s out bargain-hunting and keeping the office well stocked in cheap snacks, caffeine, and hardware.

Alex Waters

Android Developer

Also known as AW the 3rd, Alex brings some Android smashing, Java yodelling, keyboard canoodling skills to the team. Currently studying a degree in impossibility (B.Eng (Mechatronic) + B.Sc (Biomedical)), he will no doubt drop out at some stage in the near future to develop the T1000 for Cyberdyne Systems

Luke Fielke

Android Developer

Affectionately know as the Fielkinator, Luke joins us here at NextFaze as the newest member of team Android. A self proclaimed techy, Luke has a fantastic knowledge pool to draw from, backing up his bachelor of comp sci skill set with a black belt in networking and a masters degree from the school of hard knocks. Willing to take on any non-iOS task, Luke also has one of the lucrative office window seats.

Michael Drozdowski

International Bon Vivant

Bachelor of the Laws, nerd of the beers and connoisseur of the coffees, Droz joined the team to ‘hang around some real code monkeys.’ He must like the place, because he’s been here long enough to make it on the website! Droz spends his days weilding JIRA and Xcode, wrestling the objective sees, and brewing quite possibly the finest coffee this side of the Himalayas.

Zak Barbuto

Web Developer

Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Computing & Digital Media, Zak brings an unending passion for JavaScript and all things web to the NextFaze team. When he’s not at the office, Zak is usually still bound to a computer, trying his hand at development or consuming far more than the recommended daily dose of video games.

Dan Silk

Software Engineer - iOS, Android

Dan is our cross-platform app magician. He really can do anything! Dan’s background is in gaming, not just playing them, but actually making them! He’s credited for his work on Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Hero (Wii, PS2, PSP) as well as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Wii, PS2, PSP) and so many more! You can generally find NextFazer’s skylarking at Dan’s desk either talking code, or cooling down beside his blade-less fan.

Kane O'Riley

Android Developer

Spending a majority of his time tearing apart Android from the ground up, Kane is a self-taught developer that lives and breathes the platform. Kane sees Android development as not only a job but a favourite past-time, developing just as much at home as he does at the office, with his name on plenty of indie developed titles. That being said, he is looking to quit Android dev in order to play Pokemon Go full-time.

Jeff Cressman

Web Developer

NextFaze's resident Emberite. A JavaScript explorer and fermenter of things, Jeff keeps the Meeco front-end looking spick and span. Often found drinking some green and questionable juice from a jar that he claims gives him superhuman abilities and immortality.

Michael Marner

Web Developer

After spending a lot of time at University learning about things, Michael can now be properly called "Doctor" Marner - he's completed a PhD investigating interaction and user interface techniques for Spatial Augmented Reality. Years of dabbling with nascent technologies sounds impressive, but what's most remarkable about Marner is that he's somehow the leading authority on PHP in the office. Also he's the chairman of the 3D Radio board, a community radio station in Adelaide. Subscribe to 93.7 FM by clicking here

Shane Woolcock

iOS Developer

Shane is an iOS, née Java developer. This about-face shines through in other facets of his life, with his Ingress faction-change request finally coming in - he is now very correctly a member of the Resistance, leaving the dark and horrible world of the Enlightened in the same place he left his Java credentials.

Paul Robinson

Web Developer

Often (mistakenly) credited with the fall of the Roman Empire, Paul nevertheless has an interest in using Malbolge to create modern progressive apps. Also, whenever he opens a new terminal window, his computer says "meow".

Mark Verlingieri

Web Developer / CSS Guru

Having trodden the Bachelor of Computer Science path, Mark has spent a few years learning all aspects of a web dev's trade. He has also added "Design" and the related "UX" arrows to his Web Developer's quiver. Always hitting the bullseye with his work, Mark has made clear that he intensely dislikes archery metaphors, which I will aim to remove at a later date.

Caleb Froese

Web Developer

Fresh out of school, Caleb has impressed us enough with his self-taught knowledge to land himself this sweet, sweet job. Previously famous in the office for bringing us donuts with alarming regularity, he has since settled into making sure that his developing programming knowledge has no holes in it (Get it? Donuts have holes). The second Canuck in the squad after Jeff. Is desperately trying to learn languages other than PHP so he doesn't have to help Marner with anything.

Stephen de Bruin

Web Developer

After working for six years as an electrician, Stephen decided that he'd make a change and push himself into an industry he has always had a passion for. A Diploma in Software development was the start, now he does his best to take in all the knowledge his tiny brain can handle. Spending most of his free time either playing computer games or coding, the future is not looking bright for his spinal column. Currently edging Kane for the title of "Best T-Shirts at NextFaze".

Paul Fekete

Lead Tester

After being banned from Twitter for trolling celebrities, Paul joined NextFaze as a tester to apply his skills as an annoying, pedantic, nitpicker to increase the quality of production output. Disclaimer: some facts may have been modified to fit the bias of whatever media outlet whose agenda you don’t agree with.

Brent Jacobs

Ruby Guy

Unforthcoming with even a small amount of information that one could form into a humorous/humourless bio, Brent is now locked into this particular blurb until the next website update. He doesn't look like a cartoon in real life, but his Ruby skills are so good that they couldn't possibly belong to a human, so we view him as a fictional character in order to not feel outclassed.

That's a lot of people - no wonder we needed a bigger office!

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